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2015 (1785)


  • January 1A bright light flashes above the Minston Republics at midnight for several seconds. Some religious fanatics believe it to be the return of the gods after 1785 years of darkness, though many educated civilians know that the only thing up on Ro is a dead civilization. Many of those same educated citizens thought twice when they looked back up at the sky and Ro was nowhere to be found, but instead the moon to be where Ro should be, much closer than it should be. In the next few minutes, many noticed that all non-Minston Auroanet numbers could not be reached. Throughout the next hour, reports came in from the navy and airforce of non-IL registered craft in Minston territory.
    • As midnight strikes, a bright flash appears above the United States and Canada for several seconds. As the light receded, those on the eastern border of Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ontario found themselves bordering the ocean. In the following hour, communication with any state or province east of the new ocean was unsuccessful and reports of unidentified sea and aircraft to the east had been reported. Several nations were also found to be unresponsive: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba. Initial reconnaissance found that a large landmass had replaced most of continental North America and the western Pacific. The ships were waving a red flag with two blue stripes on the edge with a single white star at the center. These ships were to be approached cautiously and questioned.
    • The non-IL registered craft displayed a flag of alternating red and white stripes with a blue canton and many white stars, resembling the Banner of Usa, these craft were then thought to obviously be craft controlled by religious insurgents sparked by the flash. The Minston Navy ordered the craft to surrender or be destroyed. The fleet stayed quiet for several minutes until it responded in an archaic tongue, only a few syllables sounding recognizable. The Minston Navy responded with several warning shots which were returned by the insurgents in an attack. This was known as the Battle of the Flash and was one of many battles yet to come between Minston and the US.
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