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Allorian Kingdoms
Largest city capital
Demonym Allorian
Independence from Minstonia
Currency Barrs (⌠) ABR

The Allorian Kingdoms, commonly known as Alloria are a sovereign nation located on the continent of Norvein. The 46 contiguous duchies in Norvein. Another 19 contiguous duchies are in southern Arthane.



After the union of Minston, the Varian Empire, and Obornia into Minstonia in the 900s, the western Varian colonies became unstable due to the shift of power. After a 20 year war, the western colonies declared themselves the Allorian Kingdoms, returning to the old 'glorious' system that was previously present in the former Varian Empire. Due to its large coastal holdings in the Andreian Sea, the Allorian Kingdoms became a large trade power controlling a large amount of western Andreian affairs. The Warjan Empire also intervened in the Allorian War for Independence by supplying Allorian troops in return for a chunk of Varian land of the edge of the western peninsula.

Independence Alt.

When the Grand King and the people of the Varian Empire agreed to join with Minston and Obornia into Minstonia in the 900s, many dukes of the kingdoms were outraged that they would lose their positions and gathered Royal Loyalists to rebel in the Royal Varian Rebellion, which was swiftly crushed by the new Minstonian army. The dukes and their supporters fled to the colonies of Alloria and spent several years attempting to incite an uprising. This caused a war for Allorian independence in order to restore the old 'glorious' system that was present in the former Varian Empire. Finally, after years of fighting, the Allorian Kingdoms gained their independence with the dukes now ruling as kings over their domains with a central parliament for them to coordinate their efforts.

By the 1500s, the systems of semi-independent kingdoms were showing signs of age in the progressing world and began the process of transitioning toward a republic.

Geography, climate, and environment

Political Divisions

Republics of Minston
Kingdom Duchy
Minston_Republics Aeton 13 N/A
Minston_Republics Alkyon 2 N/A
Minston_Republics Aphica 6 N/A
Minston_Republics Boroll 7 N/A
Minston_Republics Creote 3 N/A
Minston_Republics Illiat 6 N/A
Minston_Republics Kalrado 13 N/A
Minston_Republics Minston 10 N/A
Minston_Republics Pauria 7 N/A
Minston_Republics Thota 7 N/A
Minston_Republics Uterra 6 N/A
Minston_Republics Varia 8 N/A
Minston_Republics Vichsti 12 N/A
Minston_Republics Warjan 6 N/A

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