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Raythe in 1000AD

In this timeline, the Argillians are able to prevent the destruction of Ro for a short time, in which the lights go out slowly. This gives the people of Raythe a more gradual change of religion, allowing for structure to remain. This means that the large empires of 1BD do not collapse allowing for a different timeline to form. BD/AD still apply because 1AD is when the lights started to fade.

International territory is technically an independent entity known as the Internationale.

Merchant Republics and Amos use the Yerea (ϫ) as currency.


While in V3 Raythe, while Minston does some horrible things or is an enemy with some county, most people still like Minston even if its their enemy, because most people still see Minston as the Fatherland where every other culture originated from since Minston holds the entirety of the Minstos continent, birthplace of civilization on Raythe. In No Fall Raythe, the New World Movement led by Minston (at the time contained in Central and South Ilthin) removed most if not all of that semblance of cultural connection by stating that Ilthin was for Ilthin, and that it must cut ties with the Warjos (Minstos) continent and become independent.

Continents are Warjos, North Ilthin, Central Ilthin, South Ilthin, and Clevant.

During the wars of the 900s, Minston funded the Carak family and got them in control of Southern South Ilthin from Aravein. Since 950, leader Carak died leaving a power struggle between his sons splitting the nation between East, West, and an independent Armany.

Minston controlled by fascists/nationalists in 700s, tries to "liberate" all New World possessions from "oppressive" old world leaders. Blockades sea from island to prevent supplies/armies


War of Southern Dominance
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