Continental Wars

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Continental Wars
Date 10th century - 14th century
Location Minstos, Ussarian Sea
Result Three powers remain in Minstos, preparing for Unification
  • End of the Paurian, Aeton, and Warjan Empires
  • Minston, Vichsti, and Natel create the Ussarian Pact
  • Establishment of Pax Minstonia
Interior Alliance
 Natel (1164-1343)
 Illiat (1003-1016)
Central Alliance
 Warjan (1178-1192)
 Merchant Republics (1178-1192)
 Dionitia (1178-1192)
Exterior Alliance
 Pauria (1164-1343)
 Aeton (1164-1247)
 Warjan (1192-1247)
 Merchant Republics (1192-1247)
 Torrovn (1003-1014)

The Continental Wars era began at the start of the Minston-Torrovn War where the last secondary powers were absorbed. This began a period that lasted between the 10th and 14th centuries in which the remaining great powers and their client states fought over control over the continent.

Minston-Torrovn War (993-1014)

Torrovn in 900 with owners as of 1000:      Minston
     Minston in 1000
     Vichsti in 1000
     Uterra in 1000

Natel Independence (1164-1170)

Natel declares independence from Aeton, Pauria sides with Aeton.

War of Warjan Aggression (1178-1192)

Warjan acts aggressively towards other great powers, dictator rises to power, both the Interior and Exterior alliances fight to contain Warjan and arguing with each other to install a new government friendly toward their own respective alliance. Tension rises between Pauria and Minston and breaks out in a small territorial conflict, but is quickly resolved.

War of the Great Alliances (1225-1247)

The Exterior Alliance begins to grow in strength, worrying the Interior Alliance leading to a war to declare dominance over the continent on the Exterior Alliance. This leads to Warjan being split between Minston and Vichsti, Creote being released, Aeton being split between Natel and Vichsti, Vichsti obtaining the remaining Merchant Republics, and Minston obtaining amounts of Paurian territory.

War of Paurian Aggression (1340-1343)

Pauria in a last stand against Minston declares war in an attempt to regain its land and pride, loses horrifically, converted into territories.