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The Sol Age is the period occurring before the sinking of Ussaria where the ancient galactic empires of Usa, Ussr, and Uk colonized Raythe from a distant planet in the Sol System.

General Raythe Prehistory
Year Date Event
1981 July 4 USSR announces that a crew of Soviet cosmonauts has landed on the moon
July 7 President Reagan announces an increase in funding for NASA
1982 May NASA launches probe towards Mars
July USSR begins work on Soviet Space Station
September NASA sends supplies with moon missions to begin work on a moon lab
1983 March USSR continues to send modules to the SSS, launches its own Mars probe
April NASA continues Lunar colony
July NASA sends probe toward Jupiter
1984 July NASA begins asteroid mining project
September USSR finishes the SSS
1985 May USSR starts on its own asteroid mining program
August NASA finishes first Lunar colony, home to several astronauts
1986 July NASA begins work on a United Space Station
August Work begins on a second American lunar colony
1987 March USSR beings to cash in on its asteroid mining, economy gets a significant boost, country stabilizes somewhat
  • Each side continues to work on their projects, money being made on both sides
  • USSR begins to reinforce Iron Curtain
  • President Bush is elected
  • USSR begins work on second space station, begins its own lunar colony
  • Europe Union is formed with France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and West Germany
    • Adopts Euro
  • NASA and USSR send probes/rovers to several planets
  • Portugal and Greece apply to the EU, are accepted
  • UK is approached, denies
  • NASA finishes the United Space Station
  • USSR helps Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Slovenia in the Yugoslav wars, takes Serbia and Montenegro and establishes it as a Soviet Socialist Republic
    • US and EU outraged
    • Tensions begin to rise again
1993 January 1 Velvet Divorce in OTL; ITL Czechoslovakia stays one
  • USSR finishes the Soviet Space Station II
  • Stage 1 of the Second American Lunar Colony finished, Stage 2 begins
  • USSR lands first man on Mars
  • Americans urging to colonize Mars before the Soviets
  • President Clinton elected
  • Raises NASA’s budget even more
  • Austria, Finland, and Sweden join the EU
  • NASA launches manned Mars mission to set up colony foundations
  • Stage 2 of the Second American Lunar Colony finished, amounts of people are aloud to live on the colony
  • USSR opens its Lunar colony to select few to habitation
  • Stage 1 of the American Martian Colony finished
1998 USSR launches colony on Mars
1999 Stage 3 of the Second American Lunar Colony finished, population of several thousand
2000 USSR militarizing, EU and the US suspicious/nervous
2001 Explosion destroys a Soviet Martian Colony
2005 EU talks of federalizing under one country
2007 Many Soviet, American, and European colonies on Mars and the Moon are thriving
  • France, Spain, Portugal, West Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ireland federalize as the European Federation.
  • The UK, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark chose to stay separate
2011 The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway form the North European Union.
2014 United States purchases north-western states of Mexico to help the financially struggling nation, integrating them as territories.
2015 *North Korean government collapses due to internal disputes, integrated into South Korea
2016 Poland integrated into Soviet Union
2017 *Brazil undergoes communist revolution
  • Turkey joins the European Federation
2019 NAFTA unification, southern Mexico holds out.
2022 Morocco, Tunis, and Northern Algeria join the European Federation
2026 Soviet-Indian War begins
2029 Soviet-Indian War ends
2032 Australian Civil War begins
2034 Australian Civil War ends
2037 Arab Union formed
2038 Central American Union formed
2039 Soviets declare war on Northern European Union
2044 Sweden and Norway become communist, UK and Denmark sue for peace. Join European Federation.
2049 Colonist Mission for Galileo launched
2061 East Asian Collapse
2072 Eastern European Federation
2080 *WWIII
  • Contact with Galileo lost
9936 Contact with Galileo (Raythe) regained between the Minston Republics and the Yankee Kingdom

2020s- Soviet-Indian Wars

  • Soviets make a deal with the Chinese to invade India. China would invade India, and the USSR would back the, giving them Soviet troops and resources. The United States and the European Federation intervened and prevented them from taking southern India. Southern India was protected, while central India was filled with two American and one European controlled buffer states. China split northern India in half, the east to them and the west to the Soviets. During this war, the US was also able to invade North Korea after they had attacked South Korea. After defeating them, they united the two into Korea.