South Ilthin

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South Ilthin
South Ilthin (orthographic projection).png
Area N/A
Population N/A
Denonym N/A
Countries - (List of sovereign states in South Ilthin)
Languages Axelish
Largest Cities
  • Duriam Arswik
  • Tinyiel Andora
  • Aerum Baratos
  • Ohrid Morseau

South Ilthin is a continent bordered by the west by the Ithis Ocean.

Political Geography

Alliances of South Ilthin:
Short and formal names International organizations
 Aerum – Aerum Nation A  International League
 Aeron Nations
 Atolles – Atolles A  International League
 Aeron Nations
 Cuvea – Cuvea A  International League
 Converged Power Security Pact
 Duriam – Duriam A  International League
 Aeron Nations
 Lucinea – Lucinea A  International League
 Migul – Migul A  International League
 Nabalen – Nabalen A  International League
 Aeron Nations
 Ohrid – Ohrid A  International League
 Converged Power Security Pact
 Pennamber – Pennamber A  International League
 Aeron Nations
 Tinyiel – Tinyiel A  International League
 Converged Power Security Pact

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